Location, location, location

So, the most difficult part so far, and of course, the first step in wedding preparation is finding a place to have the darn thing. Our plan is to have our wedding in a natural setting, ideally a park, state, regional, national or other. We are fortunate to live in an area full of natural beauty. However, one thing that we’ve started to notice is that even in the most beautiful of places, people can find the ugliest spots to put reception areas in. = ( Fear not though, we are persistent, and we have finally started to compile a list of  candidate locations for our wedding. As we get closer to making the decision, I will post more specific information about the most likely candidates since that will probably weigh heavily on our decision. Later, I will also post previous places that we have looked at and some quick notes as to why we’ve ruled them out as possibilities.

The kinds of things we’re looking for are, a space large enough for a party of 100 people that will allow for both the ceremony and the reception. This means that they hopefully will allow both alcohol and music (we’re thinking of a live band, so acoustic, which is easier than amplified music in parks). We’re also thinking of an afternoon wedding since that will give people plenty of time to get ready and get to the location beforehand. Ideally too, the location would have both tent cabins and group campsites for post reception hang out.

Here are some possibilities, though not quite perfect:

1. Sunset Beach SB. Beautiful but still some space concerns (ramadas are put next to parking lots).
– lovely group camp areas
– south ramada better but close to parking lot
– could we move the south ramada dumpster?
– alcohol?
– how many visitors allowed in the group camp?
– possible plans: Ceremony at camp, reception at south ramada. Or standing ceremony on beach, reception at nearby south ramada.

2. Muir Beach overlook. Gorgeous! Definite possibility, no reception space though – need to figure that out.
max. size is 100, ceremony on lawn, no more than 4 cars at the parking lot, guests can be shuttled from another parking lot, no space for receptions, roughly 1000$, list of reception locations in the pdf doc (on Anna’s mac)

possible cute place for reception: Pelican Inn, Maximum: One Hundred Persons, Exclusive Use Includes Dining Room, Conservatory, Snug Room and Pub. Event Coordinator, Andrea Papadopulos at (415) 314-5050 or email events@pelicaninn.com for more information.  (7,000$ for the buffet menu!!)

3. Big Basin Redwoods State Park. Beautiful place, not as much ocean scenery from the park headquarters, but definitely scenic either way. Close to Saratoga and Boulder Creek, both cute little towns, Saratoga slightly larger. Has camping and tenet cabins for rent. Not sure how nice the cabins are…Nice campfire area. Should call them to ask about wedding information: 831-338-8860 – park # (9-5pm M-F), SEC: Craig Holden, 831-335-3455, MWF 9-5. Weddings can be held at the campfire center, one of the picnic areas and a meadow past the huckleberry campground.

4.Tilden. Nice that it’s local, easy for everyone to get to.

3 picnic areas:
– Laural
– Padre
– Mineral Springs
Brazil Building: open house on Tues. except for last Tues. of the month, from 1-8pm

4.Rocky Point Restaurant: http://www.rocky-point.com/policies.htm – looks like it’ll be $750 for the first hour and $350 for each subsequent hour, not sure about the size of these areas though, then 39$/person for the dinner menu, which does look tasty – this place is close to the Big sur area I think. A possible ceremony/reception place prior to camping elsewhere, near carmel and andrew molera park.


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  1. Quick note: Brazil building is very popular, all booked until November of next year already.

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