Our to do list

I haven’t written in a blog in a long time, but I thought that given the insanity of wedding preparations a blog would not only help family and friends that are interested stay involved in our planning process, but would possibly help others as other couples’ wedding websites have helped me. So here it goes. Here is our current wedding to do list, I’m sure it will be modified and I will explain when and why we change things along the way.

1. Find a location and reserve it (set date) – Sunday visits ongoing
– reserve a location for ceremony
– reserve a location for reception/celebration: maybe same as ceremony?

2. reserve group campsites for after-party, or figure out other reception possibilities

3. make invitation list – new document made for this
4. bridal party

5. send out save-the-dates (by email?)

6. invitations

7. hotel reservations? parents?
8. plane tickets?

9. wedding dress ordering (baby blue w/lavender?)

10. rings – order/design (discuss style/design, come up with rough plan, pick and visit Jeweller)

11. pre-nuptial agreement

13. order flowers (gardenias and love-in-a-mist (nigella), purple passion flowers, for the bouquets we could also have little knit flowers in them, or in my hair)

14. order caterer – pick food (unless included in location)

15. figure out decorations – order if necessary, super simple, paper lanterns with candles or the like, lots of plants and flowers! – A

16. cupcakes – order (cupcakes with purple flower decorations on top… = ) need to find a place that we like to make these for us, velvet cupcakes, although we should probably have a small selection)

17. find a band – reserve

18. pick a photographer

19. officiator/wedding representative – who?

20. resolve last name issue

21. court arrangements

23. minnesota reception (create a separate list)


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