Ceremony thoughts

Ahh, yes, another important part of the wedding, the ceremony. Through the process of talking to Brian and my parents, it’s been interesting to find out how many different variations there are in what people consider the “traditional” or “standard” ceremony, including opinions of my own that I had never really thought about.  Our general plan here is to construct a super simple, super fast, ceremony that would highlight our feelings about marriage and what it means to us. We’re also including rituals that for us symbolize our ideas.

General theme: emphasizing togetherness without becoming oneness

Pre-ceremony: as people enter they will be asked to pour a small amount of sand into a vase that we will then later use in the sand ceremony. This symbolizes the support of family and friends as well as their continued participation in our lives.

– officiate in, signals start
– brian and brian mom enter?
– bridal party enters
– bride with dad and mom?

– officiate greeting
– officiate statement
– promises
– sand ceremony (usually happens after vows)
– I dos
– rings (maybe with I dos)
– glass break ceremony
– officiate announce the couple and kiss

– process out
– bridal party to pictures, guests to reception

– tables could be Brian and Anna research themes

The sand ceremony:

As far as I can tell, from a couple different websites, the sand ceremony actually originated long ago in Hawaiian and Native American cultures. It has recently replaced the traditional unity candle ceremony in  many weddings, especially beach weddings. Our idea is to first have the guests pour small amounts of sand into a vase which we will then have our parents and ourselves pour sand onto. The whole thing is then kept as keepsake of the wedding. The ceremony is most often used when one or both members of the  couple have kids from previous relationships whom they want to include in the ceremony, the idea being of uniting together as one family. This is how I first saw it used.


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