Location found!

Alright, so we finally have a location and a date:

Muir Beach ceremony and slide ranch reception

Muir Beach information:

Contact: James Sword, 415-561-4373
Fees: 400$ flat rate, includes both application fee and permit, no additional fees after that
Time: sunrise to 1 hour after sunset


parking limited, shuttle service practically required
24 hours advance notice to postpone to next available date
only free-standing stuff
non-seeding flowers
no throwing of things or releasing of animals
ceremony only on lawn, photos yes at the point
max. 100 people
85 decibel sound limit (people shouldn’t have to raise their voices to talk over us)
*note: you can get a lot of stuff if you ask, ask for small exceptions, they’re generally flexible

Slide Ranch reception and after-party camping

We’re not completely sure about the total cost, but it looks like it will be around 4,000$

For this amount one gets:

– the entire space to themselves for the weekend

– a wonderful staff person on site (ours is Rebeca, she’s great!) and possibly an extra staff person the day of to help things go smoothly

– the staff to set up tables, chairs, etc. prior to the event as you want them to

– the staff to be there to receive items if they need to be delivered a day in advance

– a LOT! of space! the reception area will be a small meadow next to the yurt, this is where they have running water and electricity. There is a firering near the yurt (which by the way has a dance floor and a small wood-burning heater), and then there is a campsite on the bluffs about a quarter mile easy flat hike in where there is a geodesic dome and a very large space for camping.

– No check-in,/check-out times!!

– Few, if any real restrictions as compared to other state run/city run parks

Two of our other top choices were:

1. Sunset State Beach: Sotuh of Santa Cruz, nearish to big sur, beautiful little beach spot all tucked away amongst brussel sprout farms on the coast.

2. Huddart San Mateo County Park and Memorial County Park: Both of these were beautiful in the redwoods with rolling hills and tons of space. Huddary has some beautiful picnic spaces and Memorial has a gorgeous little amphitheatre, although it’s a bit under construction at the moment. They both have group camping too. County parks have the added advantage of fewer restrictions than other parks, like state or national ones.


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