Previous places we’ve looked at and extra information on locations

1. Natural Bridges SB. Pretty, but not ideal space as its pretty poorly laid out for wedding activity. 831-423-4609 – called on 10/20 and got an answer. wedding space is in the picnic area on the beach with a “great view of the water.” all setup is done by wedding people but the park does mark off space. the picnic area may also be used for a reception. variable space for wedding and/or reception based on size of party and event (20 to 100 people maybe?). bookings and price info can be obtained through special events coordinator.
*no camping (NC)
– place for the ceremony?
– place for the band and dancing?
– alcohol?
– picnic area stuff moveable?
– no camping

Big Sur area weddings: (Katy 831-667-0158) – called them and they will send me more information via snail mail, but definitely available for May/June next year – gave me lots of information over the phone, but will probably be better to look over it in person in the packet they send to me

2. Big Sur SP. Most doable space, but least stunning and looks a bit run down.
Picnic 1: Grills in the way. Bathrooms?
Picnic 2: Less cluttered but next to dumpsters. Nearer to bathrooms. Seems best of the three.
Picnic 3: Largest but most ghetto and no ramada. Would take work.

Over the phone: Pfeffier big sur: picnic areas available near the river area, shady, areas 1,2: 100 people each, area 3: 200 people, 25$ special permit fee non-refundable, 100$ day use space fee for any of the areas, electricity fee (limited electricity – basically it comes from the bathrooms), vehicles have to pay 10$/vehicle to park, alcohol fee: <50 people – 50$, >50 people – 100$, over 100 people deposit for picnic areas, areas close 30 minutes before sunset – roughly 8pm in summertime, live bands are possible but take extra work and fees because of needed electricity, May/June available

3. Campbell Hall and Garden (415-332-0858)
Owned and decorated by a church, lovely space though, nice views, though not quite as nice as the website had suggested…

Monterey area weddings: (SEC: Sleccia Wilson? 831-624-3407) will be in at 8am 10/21/09

4. S. of pt. lobos, state beaches. price depends on type – 225$ for most basic chairs 325$, over 100 people 429$ – 4 hours, chairs, will send me their information packet via email

5. Sonoma coast state beach: (Elizabeth Beale) 707-865-2391 ext. 3 – not currently taking reservations b/c of funding issues, max. group area is 150 people, may not have many facilities though – as in would have to bring our own bathrooms – will email me the wedding information packet, but says to follow up with them in the next month when they will have more information on any changes that might be happening

Santa Cruz state park area: special events coordinator for this whole are is (Craig Holden, 831-335-3455, available Mondays and Wednesdays, very helpful). For info about each park he suggested going to here – website with info about all the parks, look for multiple venues at each site. Then contact him with additional questions. Standard fees across all the following sites: 25.00 filing fee, 575 wedding special event fee, non-alcohol security deposit 250.00, day use per vehicle that arrives 10.00… plus possible additional pending size, venue, and nature of the wedding.


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