Why “squirrelwedding”?

You may ask yourself, why’d they call the site “squirrelwedding”? Well, of course, this is because squirrels are what brought us together. Confused? No worries! It’s STORY TIME! =)

Brian has long been a fan of squirrels. That story involves a dragon, Twinkies, and a sweet backflip… however, it’s a tale for another time. Going back to the Brian-Anna-squirrel story: Anna, by comparison, only recently discovered the wonders of the joyful little furball known as “squirrel”.

Anna’s squirrel love emerged during her early graduate research – when she started to study squirrels’ spatial cognition (aka – how squirrels remembered where they stashed all their nuts and stolen human food). By the summer of 2008, Anna was an experienced squirrel adventurer. Yet at that time, she still had more squirrel watching to do and she was in dire need of an experienced research assistant (aka – someone willing to watch a lot of squirrels).

In comes Brian, a fresh new graduate student constantly telling people about how awesome squirrels are (because they are). In response, Brian’s fellow baby researchers pointed out that someone was doing work with squirrels. What could Brian do except immediately beg to be an assistant, just to get some good quality squirrel time in?

Turns out, the squirrel researcher wasn’t half bad either, and after a couple weeks of humorous miscommunication (e.g., Brian’s inability to identify flirting), both parties were finally on the same wavelength and realized that they were actually quite into each other. After another month or so of courtship – Love ain’t easy after all – both Brian and Anna gave in to what was probably fairly obvious to everyone else and made their romance official as boyfriend and girlfriend. More surprising to friends and family, however, was their later engagement 1 year and 3 months into their relationship.

And now, here we are: in the middle of the wedding planning process and quite happy, thank you. =)


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